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It has many translations.

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The status is represented by a color indicator to its right. Or, segment translated by machine translation Solid Grey Hidden segments hidden by a manager Dotted Grey More about segments in the documentation.

Proofread Completed Segment A proofread segment has had its translation read by a xtraderfx bitcoin and any errors have been marked or corrected.

Who can and how to proofread?

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Proofread segments appear with a green indicator. How to unproofread a segment? Managers and translators with proofreading rights can unproofread a segment by un-ticking the segment checkbox. Editing and changing the translation of a proofread segment also marks the segment as unproofread. More about segments in the documentation.

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Unproofread Segment An unproofread segment is a segment that has not been read and validated by a proofreader. Unproofread segments appear with a orange, dotted indicator.

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How to proofread a segment? Managers and translators with proofreading rights can proofread a segment by ticking the segment checkbox. Untranslated Segment An untranslated segment is a segment that has not been translated nor proofread yet.

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An untranslated segment can be proofread in which case its status is proofread. This is useful when a segment must be intentionally be left blank for instance. Untranslated segments appear with a red, dotted indicator. How to translate a segment?

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Managers and translators can translate a segment by clicking on the translation area. Managers and translators can then type their translation in the translation area and click on the green Save button to save the translation.

To Verify Segment A segment to verify is a segment for which the translation needs to be verified by a translator or proofread for one of the following reasons: The segment was translated but the source text therefore the meaning of the segment was changed afterwards. Or a manager found a translation they thought should be looked at and manually marked a translation as to verify.

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In both cases a translator will need to check if the translation is still correct with the new source text, will make amendments via btc tradingview necessary and mark the segment as unproofread. Segments to verify appear with a orange, double-lined indicator. Obsolete Segment An obsolete segment is via btc tradingview segment that is no longer in use in your project.

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Obsolete segments are hidden from translators. Why are my segments marked as obsolete? When someone uploads a new version of your file in which a segment was removed it will then be removed from WebTranslateIt as well.

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We call that obsoleting a segment. For more information and concrete examples check our documentation on obsoleting segments. How can I un-obsolete a segment?

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You can mark a segment as active by uploading a version of your file that contains that segment, or by marking the obsolete segment as active. Hidden Segment A hidden segment is a segment that was hidden by a manager. Hidden segments are not visible by translators.