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A commonly cited motivation to invest in broad commodities is to combat inflation, with commodities historically providing unique diversification and, generally speaking, positive average returns across various inflation environments. Data from January 31, to August 31, Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Understanding How to Compare Gold With Other Asset Classes In conversations with investors, we are frequently asked how to compare gold with other commodities, liquid suggerimenti per il commercio di criptocurrency, and currencies.

We often hear investors classifying gold as a commodity alongside other diversifying asset classes, such as oil, real estate, currencies, private equity and even a broad commodity index to gain exposure to gold.

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But gold frequently stands out from the pack of other commodities and alternatives, potentially offering more efficient diversification than many other sources — a benefit that may support treating gold as a unique asset class, with a distinct and independent allocation of its own.

Broad Commodities Investors commonly access the commodity asset class by using broad commodity indices and passive strategies. This approach, however, should not be viewed as a substitute for an independent allocation to gold.

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When we compare gold with a major broad commodity index, we see that historically, gold has outperformed with less downside. Source: Bloomberg Finance, L.

Index returns are unmanaged and do not reflect the deduction of any fees or expenses. But broadly speaking, gold has historically maintained a lower correlation over time and has provided a more efficient source of diversification than many of those other assets, including REITs, liquid hedge fund strategies, and private equity proxies.

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Bitcoin Currencies are another way that investors can manage volatility and inflation. With the evolution of technology, investors now have digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, to consider as an alternative for gold. But in our opinion, Bitcoin is not gold.

On a diversification and risk-adjusted return basis — especially during market downturns — Bitcoin historically is not comparable to gold, as seen in the following chart: Source: Bloomberg Finance L. As the investment landscape evolves, our SPDR gold strategy team continues to monitor market trends and investor demand. You can read their latest commentary here. Glossary Bloomberg Peer to peer tending bitcoin Index A broadly diversified commodity price index distributed by Bloomberg Indexes that tracks 22 commodity futures and seven sectors.

No one commodity can compose less than 2 percent or more than 15 percent of the index, and no sector can represent more than 33 percent of the index.

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Bitcoin A peer-to-peer digital currency created in that offers the promise of lower transaction fees than those of traditional online payment mechanisms. Commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services For example, crude oil is a commodity that is used to make motor fuels, heating oil and lubricants. Correlation The historical tendency of two investments to move together.

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Investors often combine investments with low correlations to diversify portfolios. Consumer Mineraria bitcoin in idle Index CPI A widely used measurement of inflation at the consumer level that helps to evaluate changes in cost of living.

The CPI is composed of a basket of consumer goods and services across the economy and is calculated by the US Department of Labor by assessing price changes in the basket of goods and services and averaging them. Core CPI is the same series, minus food and energy prices, since they are considered to be volatile enough to distort the meaning and usefulness of so-called headline CPI.

The absence of food and energy means that the core series reflects long-term inflation trends more accurately.

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Diversification A strategy of combining a broad mix of investments and asset classes to potentially limit risk, although diversification does not guarantee protection against a loss in falling markets.

Diversification Benefits In modern portfolio theory, diversification is an approach used to potentially reduce the overall risk of the portfolio by holding a mix of assets with low correlations to each other.

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The potential benefit of holding uncorrelated assets is that some investments may rise while others fall. Down Market Capture The percentage of return that an asset captures when a market benchmark is down.

Drawdown A specific decline in the stock market during a specific time period that is measured in percentage terms as a peak-to-trough move. Drawdown Protection Investments that could help insulate an overall portfolio from a decline in stocks or other financial markets. Examples include cash or other investments that have historically held up relatively well in down or volatile markets, such as gold or equity put options.

Economic Cycle Periods of growth or contraction in the economy, typically called periods of expansion or recession. Different sectors and industries typically perform differently based on particular phases of the economy cycle. Treasury issue with approximately three months to final maturity, purchased at the beginning of each month and held for one full month.


Inflation generally occurs when growth of the money supply outpaces growth of the economy. Peer to peer tending bitcoin banks attempt to limit inflation — and avoid deflation — in order to keep the economy running smoothly. LPX 50 Listed Private Equity Index The index is designed to represent the global performance of the 50 most highly capitalized and liquid listed private equity companies.

The index is diversified across regions, private equity investment styles, financing styles and vintages.


Liquid Alternative Trading Strategy Alternative investment approaches, including real estate, commodities, private equity, distressed securities and hedge funds that are available through relatively liquid structures such as ETFs, mutual funds and closed-end funds.

London time i. Real Assets Physical or tangible assets that have value and often are investable. Real assets include precious metals, commodities, real estate, agricultural land and oil; their inclusion in most diversified portfolios is considered appropriate.

Risk-Adjusted Return A risk-based profitability measurement framework for analyzing risk-adjusted financial performance; it is designed to provide a consistent view of profitability across different assets.

Rogers International Commodity Index The index represents the value of a basket of 36 commodity futures contracts. The index is a composite, US dollar-based total return index launched by James B. Rogers on July 31, The index represents the value of a basket of futures contracts on commodities consumed in the global economy, ranging from agricultural to energy and metals products.

Spot Gold Price The price in spot markets for gold. The index is calculated primarily on a world production-weighted basis comprised of the principal physical commodities futures contracts. Tail Risk A type of portfolio risk associated with unforeseen events that lead to sharp declines in scuro bitcoin mercato and a rush to safe-haven investments such as short-dated Treasuries or gold.

Up Market Capture The percentage return that an asset captures when a market benchmark is up. Volatility The tendency of a market index or security to jump around in price.

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Volatility is typically expressed as the annualized standard deviation of returns. In modern portfolio theory, securities with peer to peer tending bitcoin volatility are generally seen as riskier due to higher potential losses.