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Subsequently, additional trading strategies are examined based on the concepts of the statistical results in this study and other technical analysis indicators. The study outlines the profit potential of exchange to exchange arbitrage but also shows how this type of arbitrage is in fact quite risky and not as simple as the large spreads would suggest.

Pairs trading strategies are instead put forward as a method of profiting on the price movement disparities in the digital asset market without running the same risks as exchange to exchange arbitrage.

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The strategies proposed are based on statistical tests as well as technical analysis indicators that both aim at predicting price trend and direction and try to profit off abnormal price movements and subsequent normalization. It turns out that a range of profit levels can be achieved.

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All though the strategies proposed are too bitcoin plugin wordpress to consider for live trading, they do prove the basic proof of concept optionie di profitto bitcoin there are ways to profit from pairs trading in the digital asset market. O seguinte estudo examina o potencial de risco e recompensa de arbitragem no mercado de ativos digitais.

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Especificamente, analisa a arbitragem entre bolsas de cryptomoeda e arbitragem estatística, ou pairs trading, para as cryptomoedas, Bitcoin BTC e Litecoin LTC.

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