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Vivamus ac odio eros. The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced The Nasdaq Composite Index increased Energy lost 0. Listed China 50 index ending the day on a downbeat note. On the data front, U. Meanwhile, a separate report showed the number of Americans filing first-time jobless claims fell to the lowest level since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

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Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had forecast new claims would totalfor last week. The ministry said seven new deaths and more recoveries were reported, bringing the national death toll to 4, and total recoveries toAccording to the ministry, Ethiopia currently has 18, active COVID cases, of whom are under severe health conditions.

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Ethiopia is among the countries hardest hit by the disease in Africa, following Investimenti oraria bitcoin Africa, Morocco and Tunisia.

According to the statement, 78 more deaths from the coronavirus epidemic were reported in the same period, bringing the COVID related death toll to 4, since its outbreak in February in the Asian country. In the statement, the public health ministry urged Afghan people to observe COVID health protocols, stay at home as much 1 bitcoin a hkd possible and wear a mask when taking bus or visiting crowded places.

Enditem Multimedia artist Cao Fei with the art car she designed using augmented and virtual reality. The project, comprising an augmented reality app, a video and a physical racecar, debuted at the Beijing Minsheng Art Museum on May It's the 18th in BMW's art car series that has involved 18 leading artists from across the world in the past 42 years, including Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Jeff Koons. Cao is the first Chinese and the youngest to join the lineup.

But I'm interested in changes that technology brings to our society," Cao says of her decision to use AR to produce the art car.

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The year-old spent two years developing and realizing her idea of the art car project. She also worked with a technology team to help design the AR app. With the app's camera, people can interact with the car il commerciante del bitcoin mirror taking photos with the floating lights and shiny spirals around.

Thomas Girst, head of cultural engagement at BMW, says Cao's art car is a digital car of the 21st century that invites viewers to have an immersive experience. Former Tate Modern director Chris Dercon says Cao's works provide a critical reflection on what technology does to us and how we should embrace it. Dercon first saw Cao's work 15 years ago and has kept a close eye on her since.

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Cao's previous works have focused on how people, especially the young, deal with the rapid changes in cities, as well as the influence of such technologies as the internet and virtual reality. Her video work Whose Utopia filmed factory workers in southern China.

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And her video works like i. After being invited to design the art car, Cao says she spent months thinking about how to apply technology to art. She recently took part in a forum mostly attended by Chinese sci-fi writers and made friends with them.

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It's happening every day and brings up lots of problems for us, such as ethics," she says. The mother of two says she bought a robot for her children. The encounters between her children and the robot often make her laugh and think about how tech is gradually changing people's lives. In the video, which is part of the art car project, the Beijing-based artist features a monk traveling from the past to the present and ending up in the future.

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The sets in the five-minute video change from ancient temples, to cities full of skyscrapers, factories and parking lots, to a virtual world similar to that in the film The Matrix.

Cao says the video is the spiritual side of the art car project, while the AR app is the virtual side.

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They are integrated to reflect the rapid development of China. Cao says that with people embracing technology and the world moving in that direction, applying technology to art while reflecting on it is her response to the new era.

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Xu Bing, a well-known installation artist, says that if a work heavily replies on technology, it will be outdated soon because technologies change fast. He has been making and playing it for decades. He attended the event with members of the newly founded musical group "Anye Machen.

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On Saturday night, Shide donned colorful Tibetan clothes and performed with the oxhead instrument in chord with a piano on the stage. The band is the first of its kind playing chamber music in Golog.

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It was founded this year with professional guidance from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, according to Tang Shengsheng, a teacher with the institute. The band members play distinctive musical instruments. Besides piano and bamboo flute, they also play raw, rare Tibetan historical instruments, such as the eagle il commerciante del bitcoin mirror whistle and the oxhead instrument.

These Tibetan instruments face challenges in their passing down. On Saturday night, the group members delivered a performance to the audience with their original music, assisted by the "ancient echoes" from the Tibetan musical instruments, the melodies from the piano, and their raw vocals. Suspendisse sed odio ut mi auctor blandit. Duis luctus nulla metus, a vulputate mauris.

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