Forex trading online course free.

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So we went with our feeling and created a platform that uses simple visualizations together with professional FX analysis tools in order to make the financial forex and commodities markets approachable to people who have thus far been intimidated by them.

We've also decided to provide our beginner traders with tools to help them learn about global currency trading and join the international currencies market with confidence.

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Our platform offers forex trading guides, tutorials and a demo mode where they can practice and see their progress. However, we were not in any way prepared to compromise any of the tools a professional forex trader needs at their disposal.

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We offer reliable real time execution of trades, over 10 currency pairs to trade in, with bottom low spreads of 2 pips for most of them, along with various charts and charting tools, and leverages ranging from to We also offer commodity trading using the same user friendly interfaces where traders can buy and sell Gold, Silver and Oil.

And guess what? Our revolutionary approach worked.

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Today eToro is a world leader in the field of online foreign exchange trading and our ground breaking software is a benchmark in the industry.