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Third is regime type. Since independence foreign policy has been used as a legitimizing tool by the governing elites. Given that entirely credible democratic elections do not take place in the country, elites turned abroad to construct an image of international engagement, taking part in a long series of low-cost and high profile international fora rife with symbolic weight, as Edward Schatz explains.

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Its operations focus on Economic, Military and Cultural cooperation. The EEU, a Russia-led initiative, is a much smaller organization modelled on the European Union, but arguably with larger impact on the lives of ordinary Kazakhs.

Центральный Компьютер, как я понимаю, одобрил ваши В обычных обстоятельствах такой вопрос выглядел бы бестактным.

The idea of this organization was floated by Nazarbayev himself inbut btc pipeline company reality much later. The union operates through supranational and intergovernmental governing bodies, where all countries are equally represented.

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Forth, and crucial, is natural resources endowment. Kazakhstan holds the world 11th largest oil reserves. The Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline runs from the Caspian basin to the Chinese province of Xinjiang, and it is the first China sponsored pipeline to import oil directly from Central Asia.

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Two other major pipelines are geared towards Russia. The inference is simple: even though China has larger economic capacity, and recently has been more willing to invest in Kazakhstan, Russia still enjoys a better standing on the Kazak oil market due to the historic legacy btc pipeline company the two countries together.

Lastly, there is a proposed project for a to barrels-per-day Trans-Caspian Oil Pipeline, which would run from the Kashagan field to the Azeri capital Baku.

Il progetto dell'oleodotto Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan ha cominciato a realizzarsi dopo la firma della dichiarazione ad Ankara il 29 ottobre

This idea is strongly supported by Total, which holds a significant stake in the BTC pipeline, while it is opposed by Russia and Iran. A smaller, but still relevant role is played by gas pipelines.

Cardano Foundation has around 900 companies in the pipelines to build on Cardano - ADA

When compared to its enormous oil capacity, Kazak gas production is modest, and the primary function played by the country is that of guaranteeing the safe transit of Turkmen gas. Ashgabat, on paper, has two major pipelines departing from its territory directed to Russia and China, both transiting Kazakhstan, and a work in progress deal with Iran.

However, currently Turkmenistan is going through a rough period.

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