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The MA4 Springfield is the Sniper's weapon of choice.

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A4 Springfield with Model Weaver scope. While the previous 2 rifles lacked front sight posts that they were supposed to have, this one has a front sight that it isn't supposed to have.

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In-game, it has the same attributes as the Springfield. Gewehr 43 The Gewehr 43 is, oddly, the standard sniper rifle of the German army in-game, despite scoped Karabiner 98ks being both more common in and more suitable for this role in reality.

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It erroneously holds only 8 rounds per magazine in-game, rather than the correct Scoped Gewehr 43 - 7. In-game, it has a correct round magazine, and its bipod is removed as was rather common on MA2s, for the sake of reducing the weapon's weight.

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MA2 Browning Automatic Rifle. It has unlimited ammo. The obvious answer, of course, being to spray away blindly into large clouds of smoke.

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MG42 The MG42 can be used a stationary weapon in-game. MG42 Machine Gun - 7. Note the rather short ammo belt, which apparently contains an infinite amount of ammunition.

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Later, upon finding one of his own, the Sniper decides to trade accuracy for volume of fire. It is very effective in close quarters, but its reloading and pumping are both extremely slow. It is useful for clearing out groups of enemies, but can very easily put an end to stealth missions.

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Mk 2 hand grenade Panzerfaust The Panzerfaust is another option for clearing groups of enemies in-game, not to mention its usefulness against vehicles. However, it can only be used by the Green Beret.

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Panzerfaust - 44mm, with mm warhead The Green Beret holds his Panzerfaust, debating whether he should save it, or attempt to use it to destroy a derelict barn. Sticky Bomb An improvised explosive seemingly made of 3 sticks of dynamite, wrapped in cloth, and soaked with some form of adhesive.

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The sticky bomb can be used browning strike force btc 5 destroy German Tiger tanks during the Panzers! The Green Beret holds his improvised sticky bomb, lamenting the fact that he can't use it to clear rubble in-game.