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Articolo precedente Articolo successivo Institutional investors are seen to be rushing toward Bitcoin BTC at high speed, with more companies emerging that look to adopt Bitcoin as a way to store their reserves.

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Institutions are now getting involved in the Bitcoin market as some are expecting Bitcoin to become a digital alternative to gold. With a lot of bitcoin early adopters now buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets, one could argue that these investors are slightly late to the party and are buying assets at a higher price point than they would if they had adopted the crypto realm merely a year ago.

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In the coming months and years, investors will look back at the start of as an opportune moment to get into crypto. Early adopters are opening the playing field for others to join.

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The market is currently making institutional investors join the market as they are being pushed by their clients who want exposure to this fast-growing asset class. This by itself is evidence of how speculative the market is at the moment.

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