Bitcoin atm arizona, Chainblock, la startup del bancomat di Bitcoin sbarca anche a Roma

CipherTrace also highlighted that the vast majority of U. The current figure of over 8, machines is up from around 5, in June While around 1, more were added between June and Decemberin the past six months or so another 2, new ATMs have gone online.

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Around about a more have come online in the last week alone. Roughly 6, — two-thirds — of total units are in the U. As recently as Monday, bitcoin ATM operator LibertyX said users would also bitcoin atm arizona able to purchase bitcoin from over 20, retail locations across the U.

Bitcoin ATM operators insist they are doing all they can to follow regulations.

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ATM services in the U. The ATMs also require the user provide a wallet address and a verified purchase location before the bitcoin is even sent. Coinsource, which owns and operates just under such ATMs across the U. Bitcoin ATMs are likely to be the next major regulatory target.

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Elliptic is working with many bitcoin ATM operators who have concerns their terminals are being used for money 1 a btc, Robinson said. And while regulation is gradually being implemented, he still has concerns about how well some of this will apply to bitcoin ATMs.

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