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COM Blockchain Stay updated with announcements, get answers from the community, and share your feature suggestions with us. You can also submit a request or send I and my mother use blockchain wallets. My mother logs in with her account. So my turn, however I don't receive Email Authorize after my mother account sign out.

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Could you please help me! Please what's the right desk to channel my complain cos this is really getting so bad.

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Your support service is a joke. No telephone number, no contact information. No real support page with contact info.

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Buying coins is no problem, but sending coins is not possible because the address field does not open How do I get the balance back. I think one of my wallet was deleted.

I need to figure out how to contact them instead of looking at preset info that doesn't help!

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Either give me my money back of balance bitcoin address this please 4 anni Invia una segnalazione Dean Wys Useless support! Will need to find another wallet company.

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I have a proper wallet ID and password, log in wants me to check my email to continue, nothing comes through. Opened support tickets. Still no answer.

Where did the rest of my money go? Please explain and dont give me that link to the support, ive already looked for answers on there and there are none theres no actually email address to speak to an actual person.

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I have-not found a response that helps from the support page. I wrote you some days ago in order to obtain 2fa reset. I need to access to my balance bitcoin address but actually I am still cutted of.

  1. It securely stores your Bitcoins and shows account balances, transaction history, exchange rates and much more.
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Please support me ASAP. The other 4 say it transferred but when I look at the details it says 0 bitcoins transferred but yet fees were taken out. Why would I transfer 0 bitcoins? The answer is I wouldn't.

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During the transfer I confirm USI-Tech's wallet code and copy the correct bitcoin to transfer and confirm everything on the confirmation page but when it finally goes through it says 0 bitcoins transferred and fees were still taken out.

Please help!

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I can see the wallet ID it was sent to, not one of mine. I have went to support.

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What do I need to do to contact support? We're sorry to hear about your issue. Please reach out to our support staff so we can properly assist you.